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Welcome to Anne's 2nd Pregnancy Journal!

Share Baby's development week by week as proud parents Anne and Joshua Scott prepare for their second child.

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Weeks 21 - 25

Week 21
This weekend was a busy busy busy one. Friday night we were off to Pennsylvania, where we attended a surprise 90th birthday party for my grandfather. Happy Birthday, Grandpap Bernard! (Pictures are on Jonathan's website.) Saturday night we returned home so that Sunday we could attend David and Emily's wedding! David and Emily have been my good friends since high school, so it's a very special wedding to me. Not to mention that we got to sing during the processional, which was perhaps the greatest honor any of us could imagine. :) (Pictures on the Wedding Pages.)

Week 22
Another full sonogram this week, since the baby was so small at the first one. Here are a few pictures of her face:

(click to see a larger image)

This technician also said the baby is a GIRL, so we're getting pretty excited! Everything looks good, but I have yet another sonogram scheduled for 9/1 to get spine pictures. I hope the baby isn't this uncooperative AFTER she's born!

The excitement this week was that Wednesday evening our power went out. We used the TV-free time to pick girls' names by candlelight. Thursday the power was STILL out, so we had dinner with Dad, Conchita, Erica, Justin, and Mike. By Friday, Josh went off to WV to visit Brian and I took Jonathan out to Cheeburger Cheeburger for dinner, since nothing in our fridge was edible anyway. Luckily the power was back on when we got back from dinner and we recovered easily with a big grocery shopping trip on Saturday.

Week 23
So, with Josh out of town for the weekend, I got to introduce Jonathan to the Public Library! We checked out 5 books, including "Goodnight Moon," which we're now going to have to buy because Jonathan is so hooked on "Goodnight, Nobody." We also explored a little and found a new park right down the street from our house that has both a "bridge" and a "tunnel" - Jonathan's two favorite activities at the playground. See Jonathan's website for pictures of the park from when we brought Daddy back with us.

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: After the power outage pow-wow and several follow up discussions, we've finalized our name for the baby: Welcome, Laura Elizabeth Scott!
(Of course, we'll have a boy's name picked out just in case these sonograms missed something.)

Week 24
Another exciting, very busy week! On Saturday, we took Jonathan to see the Redskins scrimmage Ravens in Baltimore. It was a great time for Jonathan, eating hot dogs in the sun while watching a sport he's only ever seen on TV. He now knows the words to, "Hail to the Redskins" and knows how to wave his big foam #1 finger. Sunday was our 6th wedding anniversary, so we celebrated by leaving Jonathan with Todd and Muthoni and going out for dinner and a movie. We spent a few moments reflecting on how different life is now compared to 6 years ago!

The week was just as crazy as the weekend! Daddy finally got to feel Laura kick while I was laying in bed one morning, and Thursday we brought home our new doggie, Pepper (pictures on - you guessed it - Jonathan's website. Pepper (originally named Lu Lu, poor thing) was adopted through the Montgomery County Humane Society, where we also adopted Cassie and Elmer. She's a black lab/shepherd mix, who is about 4 years old. She's VERY smart and super sweet! And she loves Jonathan to boot (we have pictures to prove it!) She's a welcome addition to our family. Boy, is Baby Laura coming into a crazy house!

Week 25
Finally, I'm back up to date with the website again! This weekend started with a relaxing "Girls Day Out" with Allyson, Kristina, Chris, and Emily, complete with a manicure and pedicure. (I'm thinking I better get used to this stuff, with a girl on the way!) Afterward, Allyson and Robert hosted a BBQ, and we let the kids and husbands join in. We all got to meet Kristina and Matt's baby girl, Katie, who is now two months old! Jonathan tried very hard to be good, but at one point he was just too curious about the baby and started poking her eyes! (Yes, Jonathan, babies have eyes!) I'll try not to worry about Baby Laura too much - hopefully Jonathan will treat his sister nicely! Laura is now weighs over a pound and is about a foot long! She becomes a "viable baby" this week, which means she has a good chance of survival if she was born today. By 28 weeks, she's got a 90% survival rate (go modern medicine.) Luckily, there have been no complications to this point, so it looks like we're going to have another LONG wait ahead of us.

Weeks 26 - 30

Week 26
I had another doctor's appointment this week. Everything going great, but I need to start watching my weight (again). I'm still within good limits for overall weight gain, but the past few weeks I have been gaining too quickly. Baby Laura is about 9 inches and 2 pounds this week.

Week 27
This weekend Benjamin had a concert at the Lyceum in Virginia - Jonathan and I stayed home to play, but joined everyone for dinner in celebration. I posted a few pictures on Jonathan's summer page. The excitement this week was the last (hopefully) of my formal sonograms! The technician was nice and didn't let me leave until he had run my sonogram pictures past the doctor to make sure they really had all of the measurements they needed this time. Everything is looking good, and Baby Laura still looks like a girl. Here is her ultrasound picture:

(click to see a larger image)

Week 28
We celebrated Jonathan's 2nd birthday this weekend - can you believe he's TWO? Rereading his pregnancy journal and looking over all of his pictures - it's just so amazing to see how he's grown! We celebrated on Friday at daycare, then on Saturday at home with family - both parties had a Blue's Clues theme. The pictures are up on Jonathan's birthday page. On Sunday, Josh and I drove to Philadelphia to see best friend Josh get married. Congratulations! I'll post a picture on our Weddings page soon.

Week 29
We took a break and took a trip to the beach this weekend. Jonathan has grown to love the beach, now that he's older. There are some wonderful pictures on his fall page. We also got to visit my mom, who recently relocated to Delaware, making it so everyone in my immediate family has a Delaware zip code now. I also had another doctor appointment this week - everything is still peachy, and I still need to watch my weight (surprise, surprise).

Week 30
This weekend we took Jonathan to the City of Gaithersburg Festival. We had SO much fun listening to an a cappella group, playing in sand boxes, meeting "Dr. Broccoli," and looking at antique cars. It was a great family outing, and Jonathan keeps asking if we can go to the festival again. At work, this is a busy travel week for me: Monday I'm flying to Nashville and back, then Wed-Fri I'm off to Orlando. I love to travel, so it's exciting, but it's still tiring to pile it all into one week. This is the last of my air travel for a while - I can imagine it will be some time before Josh will want to stay home with two babies while I'm off in another city!

Weeks 31 - 35

Week 31
This week we celebrated one of our co-worker's 25th Anniversary with the company. It was inspirational to say the least! I also had yet another doctor appointment. At this appointment I confirmed with my doctor that I would like to try VBAC (Vaginal Birth After Cesarean). You can read more about it here:
Womens Health Channel

Week 32
This week, we celebrated Rosh Hashanah dinner at Ron's house, and finally started work on basement. I also spent some time registering our family for LOTS of baby classes! We've got a "sibling tour" of the hospital for Jonathan as well as a "refresher" course, a VBAC class, and a hospital tour for Josh and I. It's going to be a busy November!

Week 33
Josh ran off for his last weekend of freedom at Brian's. It was a *LONG* weekend (figuratively and literally) with Jonathan, although it was really nice to get some alone time with him before the baby is born. There's just something about two year olds - they can be so sweet one minute and so out-of-control the next. It's crazy! I had another doctor's appointment (after my next appointment on Nov. 1, I'll be going every week, so you can assume I've had another doctor appointment ... and another ... and another). I'm still doing great - relatively little swelling (especially compared to my pregnancy with Jonathan), and I've only gained a 1/2 pound in the past two weeks. Yay! Work on the basement continues. And Josh snuck in a picture of my preggo belly, since everyone has been asking to see it.

Week 34
What a weekend! We started with Jonathan's sibling tour at Holy Cross, where we got to deal with 45 minutes of trying to entertain Jonathan so he would stop screaming and crying. His interest level in babies is about 5 minutes. Josh and I spent the better part of the weekend putting insulation up in the basement, which was VERY tiring (and dirty!). We also took Jonathan to a party at Steve and Susan's (Brian's parents) house, where we got to enjoy an awesome home-made brunch buffet. Steve is running in the Marine Corps Marathon in DC.

Week 35
A relaxing weekend for Jonathan and I while Daddy finished his schoolwork and studied for his final exam. Sunday we finally got out from all the rain and took a trip to the park to celebrate the Redskins victory. Ask Jonathan to sing the Redskins fight song for you sometime.

Weeks 36 - Birth!

Week 36
This weekend we spent a majority of our time painting in the basement. Only a ceiling and a floor to go! I went to a Halloween party at Emily and David's house (pictures coming soon). We're looking forward to Halloween this week, as well as another doctor's appointment, where they'll do a final ultrasound to make sure Baby Laura is in the right position for birth. Can you believe that by the end of this week, she is 6 pounds? Her major development is done - just "baby fat" and lung development to go!

Week 37
This weekend, we finished the new office ceiling and floor, as well as the basement floor (thanks to Mike for the extra help!), and the shelves for the entertainment center. Enjoy these pictures of a preggo working on home renovations!

This weekend, we also had our "adult" prenatal tour at the hospital. It was both informative and exciting, knowing that the baby is that much closer to coming! During the week, we had our first Lamaze refresher class, where we refreshed our memory of breathing techniques. We're both really hoping for a natural birth instead of the induction-ending-in-C-section nightmare that was Jonathan's birth! Keep us in your thoughts! I am on to weekly doctor's appointments. At the most recent appointment, Laura was head down like she's supposed to be, with a perfect head size. My cervix is soft, but only a fingertip dilated.

Week 38
Jonathan moved into his new room this weekend (pictures are up on his Fall picture pages). After a few sleepless nights, he settled right in and now gets excited to sleep in his "big kid" bed, which is shaped like a race car. Josh and I had our second Lamaze refresher class, where we learned more about the stages of birth, and got to relax with pillows and blankets (our favorite part). Thanks to Oma and Grandpa, Todd and Muthoni, and Grandma Chita for all the babysitting help so we could take these classes. We also attended a VBAC class this week, which reinforced our decision to try for a natural birth this time and made us more comfortable with what will happen once we check into the hospital. We're very excited - this week Laura is considered "full term", so it's a waiting game!

Week 39
We spent the weekend trying to get together all of Jonathan's old baby clothes to rummage what we can for Laura's big arrival! Josh also got to attend the Redskins football game (lucky for me, they lost!), while Jonathan and I took a trip to the library. I could hardly believe that my temp started at work this week - that makes the baby's birth seem so CLOSE! We spent the latter part of the week with our families for Thanksgiving - pictures are up on Jonathan's Fall picture pages. At my doctor's appointment, I am now 90% effaced and 1 cm dilated. Progress, but nothing so radical as to assume I'll go into labor tomorrow. The doctor would like me to deliver within a week of my due date, so next time I see him (on my due date), he will try stripping my membranes to stimulate labor. You know me, I had to do some research to find out more:

About Inducing Labor

I also had another picture taken of my pregnant belly this week - on Thanksgiving. So here is my 39-week belly shot:

Week 40
We started the weekend with finishing touches on the basement. I have to admit it's not COMPLETELY done, but it's so close that it could be years before we're officially finished and we wouldn't care! Some new pictures for you to enjoy:

Since Laura's due date is this week, we've stepped up preparing for her arrival by setting up her bassinet, getting our bags (mine for the hospital and Jonathan's for his overnight stay with relatives) in the car. We have to wait to finish setting up her room until the bedding and decor I ordered arrive (Thursday). But we're almost there! I wanted to let you all know that as of today, November 27th, I haven't given birth yet! More information soon!

Week 40+
Josh and I went to the doctor on Friday, and it turns out I haven't progessed any in the past week. As I said before, he (the doctor) doesn't want me to go more than a week past my due date, since I had some complications when Jonathan was born. So, the fact that I hadn't progressed really concerned him (and us). The good news is that when they put me on the fetal montior, the baby is still very active with a great heart rate, so there is no immediate need for delivery. After a lengthy discussion with the doctor, we all decided that Wednesday will be our final decision date. So, Wednesday morning I have an appointment scheduled, where they'll check to see if I've progressed again. If I still haven't progressed, they will schedule me for a repeat c-section, most likely on Friday - Monday at the latest. If I *have* progressed and my cervix is "favorable," they will schedule me for an induction (also on either Friday or Monday). So, bottom line is I'll know more on Wednesday.

For now, I've been spending more time setting up Laura's room - I'll post pictures as soon as it's presentable.

LAURA ARRIVES! -- FRIDAY, December 9, 2005:

At 1:27pm on Friday the 9th, Laura finally made her appearance. Mom and baby are doing well. For Laura's web site, head over to this page...

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