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Welcome to Anne's 2nd Pregnancy Journal!

Share Baby's development week by week as proud parents Anne and Joshua Scott prepare for their second child.

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Weeks 5 - 8

Week 5
Welcome to Anne's Pregnancy Journal, the Second Chapter. Yep, Josh and I are at it again with a whole new baby experience to share. We'll start with Week 5 again (for the explanation of why week 5, see my original Pregnancy Journal. I'm intending to make this journal more of my current experiences with less scientific information, so if you're wondering how big the baby is at this stage or something, check back with my first journal. This one will just have the highlights.

So... many of you didn't even know Josh and I were trying to have another baby… Surprise! Well, on March 26th I took a pregnancy test and guess what? It was negative. Not satisfied with that result (and after three more days without a period), I took another test at around 5:30 a.m. on March 29th. BINGO!

Another Baby!

Ta Da! I even used a pregnancy test this time that is digital and has no pink lines to count. (Definitely designed by a man, in my opinion.) Modern technology has come a long way in 3 years. I broke the news to Josh by waking him up at that ungodly hour of the morning. He was very happy and excited, which I took for his honest reaction having just woken him up so early. Anyway, welcome and I hope you'll join us for the long haul... Again.

Week 6
My first doctor's appointment is scheduled for April 22, so now the delicate balance of who to tell what and when starts. Josh and I have decided to wait until the first doctor's appointment to tell most of our family, so I have been avoiding my parents like the plague. Baby Scott has already been on stage in his/her very first concert - performing with me at the new Strathmore Arts Center on April 2nd with the National Philharmonic Chorale. Josh and I also set up this web page, although no one even knows about the pregnancy yet. It's hidden from the world… our little secret.

This week has been pretty good. Very little nausea, but what nausea I've had has been at odd times - like right before lunch or right after dinner. Mostly I'm noticing my taste buds changing. I could hardly believe that I bought myself a chicken Caesar salad for lunch instead of a sandwich, or that I kept craving toast instead of my usual oatmeal breakfast. Oh well, at least we're still in the healthier realm of foods.

Week 7
What a way to start a week! I have been swamped at work preparing for a video shoot starting on Monday (4/11), and Friday (4/8) was when pre-production kicked into overdrive! I was charged with finding props and gathering sets for 6 different office scenes. Fun, but completely overwhelming. Days like Friday are when I truly value my experience on Props with the ladies at Blair! Anyway, I came home exhausted and Josh left to visit Brian for the weekend. So Friday night I spent planning a fun weekend for Jonathan and me. Saturday, we went to the Cherry Blossom Parade.

Pictures will be up soon on Jonathan's picture page. We also spent some time Saturday at Color Me Mine in Silver Spring, where we celebrate the upcoming nuptials for David and Emily (Congratulations!). Jonathan helped me paint a plate for the happy couple, although he wasn't too cooperative and wanted to paint with the wrong end of the paint brush. Some would call it creative… I call it stubborn. Sunday, we went to visit Allyson and Robert in Virginia. We had a great time at their local playground, which is the size of a small city!

Week 8
A fun week full of baby excitement! We were dying to share our happy news with someone else, so when Dad and Conchita (Pap Pap and Chita) came over for dinner, we snuck it into the conversation. Hugs and kisses and congratulations all around!

On Wednesday night, we went to prenatal orientation for Kaiser, my insurance company. We refreshed our memories on what the next few months will be like (morning sickness, exhaustion, etc.) and learned a few new tips on how to stay healthy during pregnancy. We also started spreading the news of the pregnancy - Todd and Muthoni got to hear the news first, since they were babysitting for us on Wednesday.

Friday was my first prenatal visit. It's pretty much like a complete physical, including a TB Test and TONS of blood work. I think I must have filled more than 20 tubes at the lab. Good news - everything came back normal. My next appointment is in two weeks so we can try to hear the baby's heartbeat. Exciting!

Weeks 9 - 12

Week 9
Friday night Allyson and I headed up to New Jersey for Kristina's baby shower (Congratulations, Kristina!). Kristina is due at the end of May with a baby girl. Anyway, since Allyson and I were going to be spending 3 ½ hours in the car together, I figured it was probably a good idea to tell her about the baby, so I did! Then we spent the night at her mom's house and since I wasn't sure if the morning sickness would hit me, I told Allyson's family, too.

Saturday was the baby shower, which was wonderful! Kristina and Matt got so many wonderful gifts; they are going to have a great time preparing for their daughter! I remember that being such a great time, when you can play with all the toys but don't have to take care of the baby yet. And Kristina looks wonderful! Before we left, all of us from Muhlenberg (Allyson, Kristina, Chris, Gillian, and me) were sitting around chatting and somehow the conversation of more kids came up. Kristina looked at me and asked when Josh and I were having more kids… I just blushed. And so, most of my college friends found out!

On Sunday we celebrated Passover by hosting a Seder for Josh's family at our house. We had 19 people, which involved renting tables and chairs and clearing out our entire living room and dining room to set up one big table! We had a great time and everything went very smoothly. At the end of the Seder, I thanked everyone for coming, then shared with them our news. Everyone was very excited and congratulated us. Josh's parents, who we purposely didn't tell so the announcement could be a surprise, looked shocked! It was wonderful to be able to share our joy with everyone!

This week, I've been battling morning sickness. I almost had to pull the car over on the side of the road this morning because I was so nauseous. Luckily the feeling passed quickly with the help of some ginger ale, which I constantly have on hand to help me out. To think a baby the size of an olive is causing me so much distress! So far I've been able to keep the nausea under control and I haven't told my coworkers about the baby. I think after my next doctor's appointment (May 9), I'll be a little more open.

Week 10
I can hardly believe how fast time is going! Well, this week started with some rain, which gave me, Josh, and Jonathan an excuse to lie in bed and watch TV all day! Then we emerged from our house long enough to get some yard work done, including some gardening.

During the week, I traveled on business to Dallas, TX. What an adventure! Since I had not told my co-workers about the pregnancy yet, I had to delicately balance hiding morning sickness, avoiding alcohol, and avoiding sushi with my usual sunny disposition. It was a lot harder than I thought it would be. Given the experience I had in Arizona with Jonathan (see my first pregnancy journal, week 11), I have to say my body is holding up a lot better this time around. That being said... I am so nauseous/hungry almost all the time! I look at food and it repulses me. I just want to drink ginger ale, root beer, or milk all the time. Once I start eating I'm okay, but it's really hard just to take that first bite. The good part about all of this is that I've only gained one pound so far, which is amazing compared to the 8 pounds I had put on by week 8 with Jonathan!

While I ran off to Dallas, our good friends Eric and Rebecca had their first babies - twins! Congratulations to Jason and Sydney, born on May 3!

On Friday, I finally broke the news to the first of my co-workers - my boss. She was very excited for me, which made me feel a whole lot better. If all goes well at my doctor's appointment on Monday, I think we'll finally be ready to start telling more people. I take that back - Josh has already told half of his co-workers! So *I'll* be ready to start telling more people.

Week 11
Happy Mother's Day! Saturday, Jonathan and I spent the day at the park, where Jonathan made the "bridge" his favorite activity for close to an hour! And such a beautiful day! Sunday, we had brunch at Pap Pap and Chita's to celebrate Mother's Day, then we went to the park, where accident-prone Jonathan fell and cut his tongue. OUCH! After some well-deserved ice cream, things settled down.

Monday was the big doctor's appointment! We were able to get a sonogram of the baby, where we could see the heart beating as well as get a sneak peek at our new bundle of joy! Look for the shadow of a head between the two plus signs, on the right side of the sonogram.

Baby's First Picture!
(click to see a larger image)

Everything is looking really good so far. And I still have yet to put on any weight. So, of course, this week was the week that we went crazy telling co-workers, friends, and family about the pregnancy. And, of course, I continued to battle (pretty unsuccessfully) morning sickness. Thursday I had to take off work because I was so over-tired and nauseous. And Friday - oh, Friday - I got to pull over on the side of the road and throw up out of my car. That's always really lovely.

Something else really great happened this week - my "big sister" Sharon and her husband Henry had their first baby! Congratulations to Alexa Grace, who was born this past Thursday, May 12.

Week 12
This week started with me finally putting up this website, although I still haven't gotten around to e-mailing it out to everyone! We spent the weekend relaxing, although we did manage to visit a neighbor's yard sale and buy Jonathan a nice playhouse for our back yard. (Pictures are on Jonathan's website.)

Weeks 13 - 16

Week 13
My brother-in-law Benjamin (Uncle Benjamin) graduated from New England Conservatory undergrad this weekend. Congratulations! Josh and I took a road trip to Boston to watch him graduate. Here's a nice picture of Daddy and Uncle Benjamin:

Baby's First Picture!
(click to see a larger image)

I took a plane flight home to make sure Jonathan didn't get too lonely at home.

Week 14
On May 30th, our friends Kristina and Matt give birth to their first baby, Katherine. Congratulations! For the Memorial Day weekend, Josh, Jonathan and I spent the weekend at PapPap's beach house. Pictures are up on Jonathan's website. We celebrated the holiday with a Crab/Rib Feast, thanks to Pap Pap's neighbors. Jonathan is still afraid of the water (don't let the pictures deceive you), but it was a relaxing trip nonetheless. Good news for Mommy this week - the beginning of the second trimester means the nausea is passing and I'm finally able to eat again! Yippee!

Week 15
Of course, with the end of nausea came the beginning of maternity clothes! I re-joined chorale this week after a hiatus thanks to endless nausea and tiredness. Luckily, being in chorale means seeing my good friend Kate every week and getting my maternity clothes back from her quickly. I've also put on about two pounds, thanks to being able to eat again.

This week also brought a scary doctor's appointment. After 5 minutes of trying to find the baby's heartbeat by Doppler (which seemed like 30 minutes, I assure you), the doctor set me up for an impromptu sonogram. I had to wait for a few minutes while they got everything set up for me - and I was alone, since this was supposed to be a routine appointment - and I was so so so worried. Thankfully, the sonogram showed a wonderful little wiggly baby, complete with a nice heartbeat, so everything ended happily. Disaster averted. Some people's children just have to be uncooperative.

I think the highlight of the week would be the Sodexho Foundation dinner, sponsored by my work. I'm amazed at the work my company does for the community and the nation to stop hunger. For more information on this exciting organization, please visit the Sodexho Foundation Website.

Week 16
Can you believe it's been 4 months this week? Time is flying by! This weekend was a busy one - we helped my Mom move from her condo in VA into a PODS box. In two weeks, she'll be moving into her new home in DE, where the box will be waiting for her - it's portable storage - what an invention! Jonathan and I mostly watched while Josh, Uncle Mark, Mom, and her friend Vic moved furniture. Jonathan practiced his letters by reading the P.O.D.S. on the side of the box over and over (and over) again. We also had Josh's parents (Oma and Grandpa) over for dinner, and I had what will probably be my last concert with National Philharmonic Chorale at Strathmore Hall until Fall 2007. (Between pregnancy and having a new baby at home, somehow next season seems shot.)

Weeks 17 - 20

Week 17
Week 17 was all about FUN! The weekend began with dropping Jonathan off at Oma and Grandpa's for a sleepover, then Mike & Erica's Engagement Party, where we relaxed in the sun with good food, fantastic family, and new friends. Next was my 10-year High School Reunion (can you believe it?), where we reunited with a few familiar faces:

Baby's First Picture!
(click to see a larger image)

Then we were off in search of a new car, when we decided that we just like our Rodeo too darn much and minivans are just too big! Father's Day came next, with a BBQ for Josh and his Dad (my Dad was out of town - see next week).

Finally, we were off on VACATION! This was truly our first family vacation -- Lancaster, PA, Hershey Park, and Sesame Place. Awesome pictures can be found on Jonathan's website. Needless to say, we came back with one very happy toddler and two exhausted parents.

Week 18
Week 18 began with (thankfully) an uneventful doctor's visit. The doctor found the baby's heartbeat by Doppler, and it was in a normal range. When we returned from vacation, we got the honor of spending an evening at Medieval Times in Arundel Mills Mall, watching my Dad get "knighted" for his 60th birthday. Happy Birthday, Dad!

Baby's First Picture!
(click to see a larger image)

I get more and more comments everyday about my growing belly. I'll try and post a picture soon!

Week 19
This weekend started a 4th of July BBQ for our friends and family. The three day weekend gave me an opportunity to add pictures and more comments to this website and Jonathan's website, so I hope you're enjoying it! This week will also bring our next official sonogram, which will hopefully reveal if Baby Scott is a boy our a girl! (Cross your fingers) I'm taking a business trip to Orlando this week as well, and my birthday is Friday. What a busy week. Stay tuned!

UPDATE: 7/8/2005 - On Tuesday, we had a sonogram. Overall, things look good, but because the baby is just 18 weeks (they estimate the due date as December 5th), they couldn't get a few of the necessary measurements. So, I will most likely be able to put up even MORE sonogram pictures in a few more weeks. I'll keep you updated. For now, enjoy these four pictures:

Baby's First Picture! Baby's First Picture! Baby's First Picture! Baby's First Picture!
(click to see a larger image)

Picture 1: Full body (lying down) - Baby's head is on the left
Pictures 2 & 3: Full body (lying down) - Baby's head is on the right
Picture 4: "Frog legs" - Baby's legs - There's nothing in between, so there's a good chance it's a GIRL!

I also got to celebrate my birthday this week, with a rousing chorus of "Happy Birtday to you, Mommy, Dadddy, Jonathan" from our budding singer, my son Jonathan. There's a picture of the festivities over on Jonathan's page.

Week 20
Week 20 began with a quick vacation to the Catoctin Inn in Buckeystown, MD in a birthday/anniversary night out for me and Josh. We had a jacuzzi in our room and celebrated in style with an expensive dinner followed by a cheesy ghost tour through Frederick. Sunday we enjoyed our country breakfast at the Inn, then ran off to the Catoctin Mountains, where we did a 2.8 mile hike to Cunningham Falls. The hike was pretty nice, but unfortunately followed the road most of the way, so there was a lot of car noise. We enjoyed watching people's reaction to my growing belly as they passed us on the trail (I'm sure they thought Josh had dragged me on this expedition when it was the other way around!). We were so hot and exhausted from the hike (we mutually decided we are not in good shape anymore!) that we decided to spend the rest of the afternoon at the movies. So, it was off to see whatever started at the right time, which happened to be War of the Worlds. Josh liked the movie a lot - I really enjoyed the special effects, but wasn't so thrilled with the plot. But the theater was nice and cold and the seats were cushy, so everything was great. After the movie, we went to pick up Jonathan and took Josh's parents and Grandma out to dinner. Josh's parents are celebrating their 34th wedding anniversary this week. Congratulations!

The rest of this week is just working, as usual. I did get the results of my AFP test back, which were normal. I am feeling the baby move a few times a day now, which is a welcome change from the past few weeks of uncertainty. The best news of the week is that on Friday, I'll be 20 weeks pregnant, or half-way there on the journey to motherhood (again).

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