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Share Baby's development week by week as proud parents Anne and Joshua Scott prepare for their new little one.

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Weeks 5 - 8

Week 5
First, you should know that the way the doctors count how many weeks pregnant you are is by the date of your last menstrual period (LMP). The baby is not actually 5 weeks old at the end of week 5. Depending on when you conceived, the baby is generally about two weeks younger than that. So during week 5, the baby is about 3 weeks old. Week 5 is when most women miss their period and realize they are pregnant. Women who have irregular cycles may not realize they are pregnant until much later. Since Josh and I had been trying to conceive, I had a strong suspicion by the beginning of week 5 that we may have succeeded. In week 5, I took three home pregnancy tests. The first, taken on Saturday, was negative. The second, taken at 4:00AM on Tuesday morning, was positive.

First Response
(click to see a larger image)

The third, taken on Tuesday afternoon, was a strong positive. That's when we knew we were pregnant.

Fact Plus - definitely two lines!
(click to see a larger image)

TO CATCH YOU UP on Baby's development:

During Week 3, the embryo is merely a group of cells multiplying rapidly. It does not look like baby and is only about .150mm long during this first week of life.

When Week 4 arrives, major changes take place! The cell ball implants itself into the uterus and divides into two parts (the embryo and placenta). Amniotic fluid begins to form. The baby is .36 - 1mm in length. Different layers of cells (called germ layers) develop: the ectoderm, endoderm, and mesoderm. The ectoderm will become the nervous system, brain, skin, and hair. The endoderm develops into the gastrointestinal tract, liver, pancreas, and thyroid. Finally, the mesoderm becomes the skeleton, connective tissues, blood system, urogenital system, and most muscles.

During Week 5, the baby hasn't grown much. Baby is about 1.25mm long, or the size of an apple seed. A plate that later becomes the heart has developed. The central nervous system and the baby's skeleton begin to form.

Week 6
Week 6 was spent celebrating the Christmas holidays with Anne's family. Josh and I decided to tell our parents the news by presenting them with bibs saying "I love Grandma" and "I love Grandpa". We also bought my brother and stepbrothers small magnetic picture frames that I filled with "Congratulations Uncle! Baby Scott, August 2002". Christmas Eve we presented the gifts to Mom, Dad, Conchita, Mark & Kathy. Mom and Conchita cried with joy. Mark and Kathy were overjoyed at having a new baby in the family. Even Craig and Katy were excited. What a wonderful Christmas Eve! Anne's mom (Grandma Hundzinski) went out and bought some "necessities" (diapers, baby lotion, etc.) by the time we saw her three days later to celebrate Christmas. Uncle Mark and Aunt Kathy bought us a Geddes baby calendar to remind us of what's to come! Thank you!

The baby is still very tiny in week 6. Baby is about 2 to 4mm long. Length is measured from crown-to-rump because the legs are usually bent, making crown-to-heel length difficult. The most amazing development this week is that the heart tubes fuse and heart contractions begin. A heartbeat can be seen on ultrasound by week 6! This is the beginning of the embryonic period, when the baby is most susceptible to factors that can interfere with its development. A body forms with a head and tail area. The neural groove closes (it connects the brain to the spinal cord). The eyes begin to form and limb buds appear. Merry Christmas, Baby Scott!

Week 7
Early in week 7, we shared our news with Josh's parents and new GREAT-Grandma Angst. All were excited about the baby and shared great tips and stories to help mommy along. Josh's mom (Grandma Scott) gave us a wonderful yellow baby outfit out of the John Lennon collection. We can't wait to have a baby to wear it!

Week 7 is exciting for the baby! In an amazing growth spurt, Baby grows from 4-5mm to 11-13mm! Baby is now about the size of a kidney bean. Legs buds begin to appear - they look like short fins. Arm buds divide into a hand segment and an arm-shoulder segment. The heart bulges from the body and divides into the left and right chambers. The primary bronchi of the lungs are present. The cerebral hemispheres of the brain also grow and eyes and nostrils develop. Part of the intestine (also developing during this week) bulges into the umbilical cord. Later it will return to the abdomen. Happy New Year Baby Scott!

Week 8
Week 8 was the most exciting yet! Mommy went to the doctors and got a clean bill of health (amended later, see week 9) and baby got it's first picture! Mommy got to see and hear Baby's heartbeat, too! What a relief after weeks of worrying.

Baby's First Picture!
(click to see a larger image)

As you can see from the sonogram, Baby measured 14.6mm at the end of week 8. According to the books, this is within the normal range of 14 to 20mm. It's about the size of a pinto bean. Eyelid folds form on the face, as well as the tip of the nose. Ears form internally and externally. The aortic and pulmonary valves of the heart are distinct. The body's trunk area gets longer and straightens out. Elbows are present and the arms curve slightly over the heart. Digital rays are notched where fingers will grow soon. Toe rays are present on the feet. Mommy's uterus has gone from the size of your fist to the size of a grapefruit.

Weeks 9 - 12

Week 9
In the middle of week 9, mommy got a big scare from her doctor's office. The message just said, "Call as soon as possible." When all was said and done, mommy had to have two medications for a urinary tract infection (UTI). The good news is that neither of the medicines should effect the baby's development and the doctors prevented mommy from getting really sick! Doctors are very cautious with pregnant women who have UTIs because the infection can spread to the kidneys, which already have to work overtime to eliminate waste for both mommy and baby. Needless to say, we were all happy that urine cultures are a standard part of the prenatal exam.

The rest of the week was smooth sailing. Baby grew to between .9 and 1.2 inches (22 to 33mm). This is the size of a medium green olive. Mommy's uterus is now a little bigger than a grapefruit. Baby's arms, legs, fingers get longer and the eyelids cover the eyes. External ears are evident and the baby begins to move, although mommy won't be able to feel the movement for a few more weeks. Toes also develop, and the baby is much more recognizable as a human being. Thus far, mommy has gained about 8 pounds and is looking into going up a size in her pants to get more comfortable during the day.

Week 10
That's this week! (January 18 - 24) Feeling pretty good, just trying to get plenty of rest. I finally edited and updated my web site, so welcome! My books tell me that this week the baby will grow to be 1.25 - 1.68 inches and will weigh 0.18 ounces (5g). Baby will be the size of a small plum (what is with the food comparisons?). The end of this week is the end of the embryonic period. The fetal period begins next week, when the baby grows rapidly. The most critical part of baby's development is behind me. Congratulations!

Week 11
Baby's first plane ride! Mommy and baby traveled to Phoenix, Arizona for mommy's work. Mommy left early Saturday morning for the airport (Daddy drove) and flew 5 hours squished up against the window. While I wasn't nauseous from the turbulent flight, I must say I was repulsed by the sausage-pepper-onion hot pocket offered for lunch. Everything was going well until we hit Phoenix airport. Between the early flight, the gross lunch, the temperature change (it was 16 when I left and 80 when I arrived in AZ), and the 30 minute wait for the rental car, I wasn't feeling so well during our short ride from the airport to the hotel.

About 20 minutes into our circuitous trip (thanks to some horrible directions), I had to pull over to the side of the road and throw up behind a tree! So much thanks go out to Holly and Annette from my office, who had to deal with my nausea the rest of the day. I felt well enough to have a quick virgin pina colada out by the pool to cool off, but by the time dinner came around, I just wanted to go to bed. So much for enjoying the warm weather before the meeting began!

Sunday through Friday were much better. Once my body adjusted to the temperature and got rid of the airline's sad excuse for a hot pocket, I felt remarkably better. The hotel was REALLY nice, and the staff constantly brought me ginger ale and crackers, even when I didn't ask for them! I got to spread the news about my pregnancy to more co-workers, who were all excited to share their stories! It seems that everyone has a baby story - it's not just The Learning Channel! The meeting went well, but I was VERY happy to come home on Friday.

Air travel on Friday was much more successful. First, I made sure to eat before the flight, and my flight was in the afternoon. Second, I brought some pizza with me onto the plane from an airport vendor, so I was able to skip the meatball sub offered for dinner by the airline (thank goodness!). Third, my body didn't seem to mind the warm to cold temperature change nearly as much as the cold to warm. Last, I was excited to get home and see my husband, dogs, and gerbils. It was nice to be home again and celebrate the end of week 11 by sleeping in my own bed.

For Baby Scott, week 11 means that a rapid period of fetal growth is starting. Baby will double in length in the next 3 weeks! This week, baby is about the size of a large lime and about 1.75 to 2.4 inches in length. The baby weighs about 8 grams (0.3 ounce). The head is about half of the baby's length. The neck develops and lengthens. Fingernails appear and external genitalia begin to show distinguishing features.

This picture is the actual size of Baby Scott this week:

Development: Week 11

Now would be a good time to mention that I AM using several references for all of the information about Baby's development. They are:

Your Pregnancy Week by Week (4th Ed.) by Glade B. Curtis, MD, OB/GYN and Judith Schuler, MS (picture above and most of my information)


The Unofficial Guide to Having a Baby by Ann Douglas and John R. Sussman, MD

Thanks to Auntie Meg for these two helpful resources!

Week 12
Mommy's doctor appointment went very well. Although I put on a few pounds in the first weeks of my pregnancy, I have not gained any weight since my last check up in week 8. My blood pressure was normal, and my urine tested negative for the bacteria that I was treated for earlier. The best part - the doctor used Doppler and found Baby Scott's heartbeat! Baby's heartbeat was about 157, which is very good. Next appointment is March 7th, when they'll do these routine tests once again and check my weight.

By the end of week 12 (February 7th), Baby Scott is fully formed looks like a perfect little human! Baby will spend the next two trimesters just growing and preparing for life outside the womb. The baby is about 2.5 inches in length! The umbilical cord begins to circulate blood between the embryo and the placenta. The baby's digestive system is now capable of pushing food through the bowels. The pituitary gland begins to make hormones. The baby moves inside the uterus (although Mommy won't feel it for a few more weeks) and responds to stimulation. The amount of amniotic fluid increases to 1.5 ounces (50 mL).

Weeks 13 - 16

Week 13
This week I want to make sure to mention two things (before I forget):

1. Thank you Grandpa (Pap Pap) Hundzinski for all of your hard work in making our living room floor a little more dirt-friendly. Our carpet was in shambles, and now we have a nice new laminate floor! Thanks, Dad! (We'll post pictures of your handy work soon.)

2. Congratulations to my brother and Kathy on their big surprise! Mark and Kathy are expecting their third child about two weeks before me and Josh. SURPRISE! Congratulations :) It'll be fun to have cousins the same age. Only problem now is who gets rights to Mom and Dad for babysitting?

Baby Scott began this week by performing in a concert! (Well, Mommy performed in the concert, but Baby got to be up on stage, too!). After much joyful singing of the tunes of Stevie Wonder, I have started to prepare for two more concerts - Feb. 23 in Cologne, Germany (two big trips - what a lucky Baby!) and March 1 here in DC. This is a slow week for mommy, but not for baby! While I rush to and from rehearsals, Baby is continuing to grow rapidly (and boy does my stomach show it)! This week, baby is the size of a peach (about 3 inches)! The baby's face begins to look more humanlike and the intestines withdraw into the abdominal cavity. Happy Valentine's Day, Baby Scott! Mommy and Daddy celebrated by renting a Doppler. Now we can hear the baby's heartbeat whenever we want!

Week 14
We made it to the second trimester! Woohoo! Mommy and baby celebrated with a trip to Cologne, Germany for a performance in the Cologne Philharmonic with the National Chamber Singers and the Guerzenich Choir & Orchestra. The flights went very well - what a joy to be in the second trimester! The hardest part was not being able to fall asleep on the plane and then having to stay awake all day through numerous walking tours and rehearsal the first day! The trip was lots of fun and I was able to wear some normal clothes thanks to Kate, who loaned me her maternity clothes (Thank you again!) from when her son Sam was born in January of 2002.

The concert went very well, but the German reviewers complained about how the orchestra cut their performance of Schubert at the last moment. If you can read German, feel free to read the reviews yourself!

Cologne Review #1
Cologne Review #2

For those who cannot read German, here are the good parts (translated by Grandma Angst - Thank you!)

- Reif (the conductor) led choir and orchestra to involved and even very impressive music making.


I'd like to thank everyone in NCS who helped me with my luggage and getting around, particularly Kirsten and Kent. Shannon, Kirsten, and I spent the week with our host, Andrew, who was very helpful in showing us all that Cologne has to offer (especially in the evenings). Our first "brauhaus" (pub) experience in Cologne consisted of me ordering a glass of milk while everyone else enjoyed their Froh beer. It was great, and I hope to return next year. If you'd like a detailed account of the trip, e-mail me.

For baby, week 14 is much of the same. By the end of week 14, Baby Scott is about 4 inches long (3.2 - 4.1 inches) and weighs about 1 ounce (25g). The baby's ears and eyes continue to move to their normal positions. Sexual development continues, and it becomes easier to determine a male from a female. Hopefully mommy and daddy will find out in the week 20 sonogram whether we need to pick a boy's name or a girl's name. We'll keep you posted.

Week 15
Week 15 began with our performance in the Cologne Philharmonic, followed by fabulous sausages (beef, pork, and veal) for lunch. Yummy! We spent the afternoon taking a final look at Cologne from the OTHER side of the Rhine (I can't wait to post pictures of the ferris wheel next to the cathedral) and packing. Monday morning we were off to the airport for our long journey home. We arrived at Cologne airport at 9:00AM, but didn't arrive home until almost 11:00PM (5:00PM EST). After our uneventful trip home, the rest of my week was spent readjusting to U.S. Eastern Standard Time (through LOTS of sleeping!) and catching up on schoolwork.

In terms of development, something pretty neat happens this week to Baby Scott! Fine hair, called lanugo hair, has covered Baby's body. The baby is now just over 4 inches in length and about the size of a softball. Baby's bones are getting stronger and retaining calcium (good thing Mommy drinks so much milk!). Baby's skeleton is visible by x-ray. Baby Scott may be sucking his or her thumb by now! How cute!

Mommy doesn't look pregnant yet in street clothes (just a larger size), but the transformation is starting to get obvious in maternity clothes. I hope to post a picture soon.

Week 16
Welcome to Week 16 (March 1 - 7)

Another concert for Baby Scott and Mommy this weekend. This is the last of three concerts back to back, all different music! Hopefully the baby will learn to sing as well as Mommy (or at least appreciate the music as much as Daddy). For now, we'll just hope that the baby doesn't tire Mommy out too much during the concert. Auntie Meg is coming to watch Mommy and Baby sing. Yay!

Mommy had a doctor's appointment on March 7th. Everything still looks very good for mommy and baby. Mommy has gained (cover your eyes) 9 pounds since her last visit! Daddy went to this appointment, too! We heard Baby Scot's heartbeat - still in the 150's. The doctor suggested a blood test called the AFP-Tetra, which tests the Alpha-fetoprotein levels in order to determine the chances of Down Symdrome or neural tube defects. Mommy went for the blood test on Saturday, and expects results during Week 17.

Baby Scott weighs about 2.8 ounces (80g) by the end of this week. There are now about 7.5 ounces of amniotic fluid around the baby as well. Translation? Mommy has put on some weight (see note above). Baby's fingernails are formed and the arms and legs are moving! Mommy feels the baby "flutter" in her belly every once in a while - usually when she's in the middle of an important meeting at work!

Weeks 17 - 20

Week 17
Welcome to Week 17 (March 8 - 14)!

Mommy continues to feel the baby flutter all around this week. We went to Mozart Cafe in DC for Daddy's birthday, and baby sure does love the metro! Mommy called the doctor's office this week, and the AFP-Tetra exam came back with good results - no greater-than-average risk for neural tube defects or Down Syndrome. So the baby is pretty healthy! Mommy and Daddy's next appointment is April 10th (Week 21), when the doctor's will perform an ultrasound! Hopefully we'll be able to tell whether Baby Scott will be a little boy or little girl, as well as confirm that the baby is well-formed and healthy. Check back to find out the results!

This week, Baby Scott is about 4.4 - 4.8 inches (crown-to-rump) and is about 3.5 ounces (that's DOUBLE in 2 weeks!). Baby Scott is about the size of your hand and begins to form fat this week (adipose tissue). Mommy continues to "show" more every day, and is feeling more and more comfortable in maternity wear!

Week 18
Week 18 (March 15 - 21) brought some pretty fun experiences! First, mommy spent one night cleaning out her closet of all non-maternity wear! It's now safely tucked away in the back of her closet. Second, mommy and daddy started discussing baby names again. We have a boy's name picked out, but we're still taking suggestions for girls' names. Please, please, please email us if you have ideas!

Third, mommy and daddy got to spend some quality St. Patty's Day time together over the weekend. Mommy watched (and took pictures) as Daddy ran the St. Patrick's Day 10K and then we both went down to Virginia to spend the day with my college friends at a St. Patty's Day block party. Baby Scott thought the loud rock band (Steamroller Picnic) was cool - mommy could feel the baby dancing in her tummy.

The fourth (and most wonderful) thing that happened this week was that mommy got stopped and asked when she was due by a complete stranger! How exciting to finally looked pregnant to other people! I promise to get Josh to take a picture of me soon so you can decide for yourself.

By the end of week 18, Baby Scott is 5 - 5.6 inches long and weighs about 5.25 ounces. Mommy tries to avoid stepping on the scale at all costs (she has gained about 13 pounds now!) and has bought "Buns of Steel" (Pregnancy Version) to help her get some more exercise when it rains. Mommy also bought a special pillow that supports her back and belly so she can sleep on her side comfortably at night. Baby's growth slows down for a little while now as systems (heart, nervous, etc.) begin to mature. Happy St. Patrick's Day, Baby Scott!

Week 19
Welcome to Week 19 (March 22 - 28)!

Mommy is celebrating her being recognized as a pregnant lady by shopping for more maternity clothes. Daddy is celebrating by replacing the clutch on his car with his best friend Brian. Now that's what I call celebration. Mommy spent the week trying to dream up a good pattern for the wallpaper border in Baby Scott's room. Daddy narrowed down his favorites and we ordered samples. Fun!

Baby Scott is about 5.2 - 6 inches by the end of this week and weighs about 7 ounces. Baby Scott will be about *15 times* that weight at delivery! Connections between the nerves and muscles begin to establish. This baby has as many nerve cells as an adult!

Week 20
Week 20 (March 29 - April 4) began with a trip to the Circus! It was mommy (and grandma's!) first circus trip! Mommy, Daddy, Uncle Mark, Aunt Kathy, Cousins Craig and Katy, Uncle Mike, Erica, Justin, Uncle Tony, Aunt Carolyn, Grandma Hundzinski and her friend ALL went to the circus together. We took up a whole row at the Patriot Center by ourselves :) I took some pictures, so hopefully I'll get a few up once they come back from developing. Thanks, Grandma, for all the fun baby stuff! Sunday was spent looking at cribs and more wallpaper borders at Baby Depot, trying to get ideas. Then, Grandma Scott came over and we all went out to dinner.

It's finally time to post a picture of me! To make up for making you wait so long, I've posted two! Click on the thumbnails below to view the larger pictures.

Mommy at 20 weeks! Mommy at 20 weeks!
(click to see a larger image)

At the end of Week 20, Baby Scott is between 5.6 and 6.4 inches. The baby weighs about 9 ounces. A white, pasty substance, called vernix, begins to develop on the baby's skin and will remain until the baby is born to protect the new skin from amniotic fluid. Mommy has hit the halfway point of her pregnancy! Yay!

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